All Things Roofing
One STOP Roofing Solution


Guttering: We repair existing damaged gutters from rust holes, joint leaks or incorrect levels. We install new gutters where the existing gutters are beyond repair, using Colorbond or Zincalume steel products.

Downpipes: We install new PVC downpipes (Painted or unpainted) or Colorbond / Zincalume Downpipes where the old pipe is damaged or rusted through or when there is a need for another downpipe to service the roof area.

Painting: We Prepair and then paint your Fascias and Eaves to suit your new or existing guttering, using two coats of “Wattyl Solagard” paint. Wattyl Solagard paint harnesses the power of the sun to create a UV toughened surface to resist dirt and grime.

Roofs: We repair existing roofs from rust, leaks or damage caused from falling debris. We install new roof sheeting with Colorbond, Zincalume or Polycarbonate sheeting. We can replace or seal cracked or broken roof tiles with new or second hand roof tiles.

Concrete Tile Roofs: The process begins with a high pressure clean to take off all old paint, dirt, mould and grime, followed by a re-point of all ridge caps and hips with Starpoint Flexible Pointing. One coat of “Primerbond Roof Restore” is then applied which acts as a sealant and an under coat. To Finish we then apply two coats of “Roofcote CRC Membrane”, with the colour of your choice for a brand new look to your roof.

Metal or Galvanised Roofs: The process begins with replacing all damaged and rusted roof screws followed by a high pressure water clean to take off all old paint, dirt, mould and grime. One coat of "Primerbond Metal & Gal" is applied as an undercoat followed by two coats of "Roofcote CSC Membrane with the colour of your choice for a brand new look to your roof.

Whirly Birds: We install good quality Whirly Birds to Tile or Tin Roofs to remove hot air from your roof space to create a cooler home.

Roof Re-Pointing: Using the popular “Roofcote” brand of “Starpoint Flexible Pointing” we recoat all Ridge Caps and Hips with a colour to suit, to form a sealed roof to stop water seeping in and causing damage to timber, ceilings and eaves.

Gutter Guard Installation: We Install “Leaf Stopper” or “Great Barrier Leaf” Gutter guards to protect your gutters and water from overflowing.

Exterior House Cleaning: Using a simple hose on hose off cleaning solution, your Fascias, Eaves and External walls will be left clean and spot free.

High Pressure Cleaning: A high pressure machine is used to clean Roofs, Pathways, Driveways and most surfaces bringing them back to their original state.

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